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Vijayawada's Rajugari Ruchulu, introduced in 2023, has become a leading restaurant, showcasing the robustness of Indian cuisine. Positioned as a fine-dining establishment, it offers premium North-South Frontier Province cuisine, including authentic Vijayawada-style South Indian vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes , Chinese, Tandoori, North Indian, and various Biryani options known for its cleanliness and exceptional flavors, the restaurant guarantees a memorable dining experience with homemade-style preparations.
Specializing in spicily flavorful South Indian non-vegetarian curries, Raju Gari Ruchulu is dedicated to serving with love and respect, ensuring your happiness with each visit. Rain or shine, it's the ideal place for a fine dining experience. Your happiness makes us happy! Rain or Shine, Vijayawada's Raju Gari Ruchulu is a Fine place to Dine


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